Hello, I’m Bridget and I designed The CW Strategies to create possibilities for brands, products and companies.

I am a clarity strategist for women entrepreneurs and outdoor brands. My goal is to help businesses define a clear message that explains their values and goals.

When your business can effectively communicate its mission then it makes it easier for a customer to know if you can help them or if they should refer you to a friend.

Clarity is the key for a successful business.

And the most successful businesses have reliable referrals because the message of

:: what they do

:: who they help

:: why someone should care

is simply stated in language that is easy to remember and repeat.

The art of storytelling is the heart of what we do at The CW Strategies. Everyone has a story and we are honored when we are tasked with explaining it.

I worked for over a decade in political campaigns, which taught me the skills and techniques necessary to help tell your story.

As campaign manager, I built a plan for each candidate to sharpen their message, speak directly to the target voters, and engage authentically.

I now use these same tactics when I advise a brand, entrepreneur, or company. It’s critical to hone a message, convey it specifically to the ideal client, and ensure that all communication is genuine.

I love to learn “The Why.” It’s the foundation for any business or brand and is the cornerstone for the story.

I’m passionate about conveying the story to build an audience that resonates with the mission of the brand. Being consistent and persistent are two keys to helping any brand find success.